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Lightning Hopkina---The Gold Star Sessions Vol. 1

Arhoolie 330---20 Euros

His best stuff from the late 1940's

Big Dez---Lazy Star

Big Dez 005---15 Euros

2011-11 tracks On this new CD Top French Blues Band Big Dez is going in a new direction, A bit more rockier than their other stuff. All songs are original Phil Fernandez(Big Dez) songs

Dirty Blues Band---Dirty Blues Band

Black Rose 174---15 Euros

The 1967 Bluesway LP digitally remastered with the 19 year old Rod Piazza on vocal and harmonica.

Dave Myers---Yo Can't Do That

Black Top 1142---20 Euros

One of the Legends of Chicago Blues

Former Aces bassplayer Dave Myers with the help of some real top bluesmusicians

Kim Wilson-harmonica//Rusty Zinn-guitar//Steve Lucky-piano//Ronnie James-upright bass/Richard Innes-drums.

Mike Morgan & The Crawl---The Road

Black Top 1143---20 Euros

1998-11 tracks Mike Morgan-guitar/Lee McBee-vocals,harmonica/Johnny Bradley-bass/ Marc Wilson-drums.

Mike Morgan & The Crawl---I Like The Way You Work It

Black Top 1154---20 Euros

1999 13 tracks Mike Morgan-guitar/Lee McBee-vocals,harmonica/Willie J. Campbell-bass/ Johnny Bradley-bass/Riley Osborn-piano,organ/Richard Ennis-drums/ Shawn Pittman-guitar.

Snooky Pryor---Shake My Hand

Blind Pig 5050---15 Euros

Snooky was one of the very first to record what came to be known as the postwar Chicago blues sound. He is also credited as being a pioneer of the amplified harmonica.

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers---Keepin It Real

Blind Pig 5088---15 Euros

2004 release, Rod Piazza-vocal,harmonica, Honey Piazza-piano, Henry Carvajal-guitar, Bill Stuve-upright bass, Paul Fasulo-drums.

Christine Perfect---The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Blue Horizon 86971---15 Euros

The 1969 Album + 5 bonus tracks.

Various Artist---The Carlton Record Story

Cartlton 01---15 Euros

34 rare tracks & forgotten gems 1958-64: Big Al Downing(4x)Jesse Lee Turner(2x)The Galaxies(1x) Dwight Pullen(2x)Kenneth Rogers(2x)Jimmy Seals(1x)Gus Backus(1x) George Walker Jr.(1x)Jimmie Nabbie(1x)Bobby Brookes(1x)The Sparks(1x) Rick Palmer(2x)Jerry Palmer(1x)The Rondells(1x)Paul Evans(1x)Marie & Rex(1x) The Chantells(1x)Danny Peppermint(1x)Anita Bryant(1x)Gordon & Sue(1x) The Paramounts(1x)The No-Tornados(1x)The Royal Holidays(1x)The Con-Dons(1x) The Short-Cuts(1x)Chris Montez(1x)Rick Skylar(1x)

Amos Milburn---1947

Classics 5047---10 Euros

The Chronological-23 tracks

Amos Milburn---1948-1949

Classics 5077---10 Euros

The Chronological-22 tracks

Earl Bostic---1952-1953

Classics 5093---10 Euros

The Chronological-21 tracks

Bill Samuels---1945-1947

Classics 5112---10 Euros

The Chronological-26 tracks

Amos Milburn---1950-1951

Classics 5117---10 Euros

The Chrnological-22 tracks

Billy Ward & His Dominoes---1950-1953

Classics 5120---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Amos Milburn---1952-1953

Classics 5158---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

John Mayall---Plays John Mayall

Decca 9841779---15 Euros

The 1965 first album Live At Klooks Kleek + 5 bonus tracks.

John Mayall---Live At The BBC

Decca 9844665---15 Euros

14 tracks recorded for the BBC between 1965 and 1975.

Roosevelt Sykes-Hard Drivin' Blues

Delmark 607---15 Euros

Recorded 1962+63 17 tracks, Roosevelt Sykes-vocal,piano/ Homesick James-bass,guitar.

Junior Wells---On Tap

Delmark 635---15 Euros

Junior Wells-vocals,harmonica/Sammy Lawhorn-guitar/Phil Guy-guitar/ Big Moose Walker-piano,organ/A.C. Reed-sax/Charles Miles-sax/ Herman Applewhite-bass/Roosevelt Shaw-drums.

J.B. Hutto---Slidewinder

Delmark 636---15 Euros

J.B. Hutto-vocals,slide guitar/Lee Jackson-guitar/ Elbert Buckner-drums/Bombay Carter-bass.

Little Walter---The Blues World Of

Delmark 648---15 Euros

track 1-8..Little Walter-vocal,harmonica,guitar/Muddy Waters-guitar/ Baby Face Leroy-vocal,drums/Jimmy Rogers-guitar. track 9-11..J.B. Lenoir-vocal,guitar/Sunnyland Slim-piano/Alfred Wallace-drums. track 12-13..Sunnyland Slim-vocal,piano/Robert Lockwood-guitar/Oliver Alcorn-sax/ Ernest Crawford-bass/Alfred Wallace-drums.

Jesse Fortune---Fortune Tellin' Man

Delmark 658---15 Euros

Recorded 1992--Jesse Fortune-vocals/Dave Specter-guitar/Ken Saydak-piano,organ/ Mike McCurdy-bass/Mark Fornek-drums/John Brumbach-sax/Bob Dogan-piano.

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers---ThrillVille

Delta Groove 118---20 Euros

The Mighty Flyers return to their roots with a tasty collection of classic Chicago Blues.

Elvin Bishop---Red Dog Speaks

Delta Groove 138---20 Euros

Elvin Bishop has been travelling the Blues road longer than most, and he's got the stories to prove it-many of wich are contained within the songs on this release.

Mitch Kashmar & The Pontiax---100 Miles To Go

Delta Groove 140---20 Euros

the 1988 original album + 2 bonus tracks recorded in 2010 by the original line-up.

Lynwood Slim & Igar Prado Band---Brazilian Kicks

Delta Groove 141---20 Euros

Prepare yourself to be Amazed, Lynwood with Top Brazil Blues musicians.

Charley Patton---Vol. 3

Document 5011---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works December 1929 to February 1934

Blind Lemon Jefferson---Vol. 3

Document 5019---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1928

Blind Lemon Jefferson---Vol. 4

Document 5020---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1929

Blind Blake---Vol. 1

Document 5024---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works July 1926 to October 1927

Big Bill Broonzy---Vol. 2

Document 5051---10 Euros

Recordings in Chronological order 9-2-1932 to 18-10-1934

Cow Cow Davenport---Vol. 2

Document 5142---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 22-5-1929 to 1945

Ralph Willis---Vol. 2 + Leroy Dallas

Document 5257---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1950/51-1953 Plus The Complete Leroy Dallas 1949-1962

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 4

Document 5264---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 4-4-1935 to 18-7-1935

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 5

Document 5265---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 18-7-1935 to 6-2-1936

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 6

Document 5266---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 7-2-1936 to 21-8-1936

Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers

Document 5356---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1923-1929

Various Artists---Felsted Rock And Roll

Felsted 85001---15 Euros

David Orrell-be my baby+you're the one/Lavern Stovall-left behind/ The Spacemen-blast off/Andy Anderson-johnny valentine/The Road Runners- road runnah/Charlie Gracie-makin whoopee+w-wow/Bobby Russell-theraven+she's gonna be sorry/ Electric Johnny-black eyes rock+johnny on his strings/Ritchie Hart-the great duane+i'm hypnotized/ The Jiv-A-Tones-flirty gertie+fire engine baby/Mickey Michaels-koffe shop rock/The Casuakteens- she's swingin/Tommy Payne-trouble and pain+i go ape/Teacho & His Students-rock-et/Gar Bacon- chains of love/Gordon Young-who's fooling who/Steve Schulte-too blue to cry/Teddy Bart-just enough/ Sonny Martin-rockabye baby/The Admiral Tones-hey hey pretty baby/Johnny Angel-lady of spain/ Vince Maloy-draggin all night+soda pop/Ray Duncan-day dreams/Nobles C. Darby-let me tell you bout love/ Bobby Wilson-and then it happened/The Trojans-make it up.

Elmore James---Let's Cut It

Flair 91800---20 Euros

Some of his best recordings Early & Raw.

Roosevelt Sykes---Blues By Roosevelt "The Honeydripper" Sykes

Folkways 40051---15 Euros

Originally Issued in 1961 as Folkways 3827

Freddie King---My Feeling For The Blues

Friday 1086---15 Euros

Reissue of the fantastic 1970 Cotillion album.

Ronnie Earl---Peace Of Mind

Hepcat 0521---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1990 Black Top album plus 2 live bonus tracks.

Anson Funderburg & The Rockets---Sins

Hepcat 0522---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1987 Black Top album.

James Harman---Cards On The Table

Hepcat 0523---15 Euros

Reissue of the Black Top album.

James Harman---Black & White

Hepcat 0527---15 Euros

Reissue of the Black Top album.

Rick Holmstrom---Lookout

Hepcat 2388---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1995 Black Top album.

The Mighty Flyers---Undercover

Mason 56429---20 Euros

The original 1988 album plus 5 bonus tracks live at the Manege, Ratingen.

Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet---Live

Megawave 305---20 Euros

Mark Braun,Mr. B-piano,vocals/Brian Delaney-guitar/Carl Hildebrandt-bass/ Pete Siers-drums/Sam Slomovits-bones/Bob Seeley-piano.

Rick Holstrom-John Juke Logan-Stephen Hodges---Twist O Lettz

Mocombo 55007---20 Euros

These veterans cut it wild and raw live in the studio, Sending the blues and other like-minded music through other worldly filters.

John Mayall---Turning Point

Polydor 823305---15 Euros

1969 The Mark-Almond-Thompson line up with his big hit Room To Move.

The McCoy Brothers---Vol. 2

RST Document 6020---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Work 2-4-1936 to 15-12-1944

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones---Evening

Severn 0052---20 Euros

2011-12 tracks: Sugar Ray Norcia-vocals,harmonica/ Monster Mike Welch-guitar/Neil Gouvin-drums/ Mudcat Wars-bass/Anthony Geraci-piano.

Rod Piazza---So Glad To Have The Blues

Sg 01---20 Euros

Reissue of one of the finest Murray Brothers albums.

Duke Robillard---Passport To The Blues

Stony Plain 1349---20 Euros

Passport to the Blues is a stone return to Duke's grittiest roots- dirty,gutty,house-rockin,shack shakin,finger-bustin, down in the bottom guitar blues.

Various Artists---Big Fat Rock & Roll

Super Calorie 1001---15 Euros

33 Blubberin'Boppers by:The Manhattan Rhythm Boys/Don Julian & The Meadowlarks/ Rusty McDonald & Maxwell Davis Band/Ray Gerdsen & The Yello-Jakets/King Perry/ Otis Redding/Bobby Hendricks/Chuck Higgins/Yochanan/Paul Kimble/Stomp Gordon/ Jackie Brenston/Little Freddy & Don/Bobby Freeman/Big Daddy & His Boys/ Sir Rich & The Spanking Club/Marvin & Johnny/Mamie Bradley & Gibson's Orchestra/ The Creepers/Carmen Taylor/The Valiants/Ronnie & Roy/Sugar Boy Crawford/Billy Bland/ Wynonie Harris/The Hawks/Jimmy Williams/The Emersons/Paul Ballenger & The Flares/ Fats Mizzell & The Big Boppers/Joe Tex/Eddy Clearwater/Redd Foxx & His Orchestra.

Johnny Shines---with Big Walter Horton

Testament 5015---20 Euros

1966 Session Johnny Shines-vocal,guitar Walter Horton-harmonica, Otis Spann-piano, Lee Jackson-bass, Fred Below-drums. 1969 Session Johnny Shines-voval,guitar Walter Horton-harmonica, Luther Allison-guitar, Prince Candy-bass, Bill Brown-drums.

Too Slim & The Taildtaggers---The Fortune Teller

Underworld 0003---20 Euros

Modern dirty all-rockers Too Slim & The Taildraggers with a collection of true stories, personal feelings, observations and tall tales.