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William Clarke---Blowin' Like Hell

Alligator 4788---15 Euros

1990 release with Alex Schultz, Zach Zunis, Rick Holmstrom and John Marx-guitar, Fred Kaplan, Steve F'Dor-piano, Willie Brinlee, John Young-bass, Eddie Clark-drums, with some horns.

Roomful Of Blues---Hook, Line & Sinker

Alligator 4941---20 Euros

2011 release-Phil Pemberton-vocals, Chris Vachon-guitar, Rick Lataille-tenor+alto sax, Mark Earley-tenor+baritone sax, Doug Woolverton-trumpet, Travis Colby-piano+hammond, John Turner-upright bass, Ephraim Lowell-drums.

Lightning Hopkina---The Gold Star Sessions Vol. 1

Arhoolie 330---20 Euros

His best stuff from the late 1940's

Lowell Fulson---My First Recordings

Arhoolie 443---20 Euros

Raw acoustic downhome recordings. Some of the most rural sounds he ever recorded.

San Pedro Slim---Barhoppin'

Barroom 2302---15 Euros

This is San Pedro's Follow-up to the excellent Tramp CD

San Pedro Slim-vocal,harmonica//Rick Holmstrom-guitar//Andy Kaulkin-piano// Dale Jennings-upright Bass//Donny Gruendler-drums.

Big Dez---Lazy Star

Big Dez 005---15 Euros

2011-11 tracks On this new CD Top French Blues Band Big Dez is going in a new direction, A bit more rockier than their other stuff. All songs are original Phil Fernandez(Big Dez) songs

Dirty Blues Band---Dirty Blues Band

Black Rose 174---15 Euros

The 1967 Bluesway LP digitally remastered with the 19 year old Rod Piazza on vocal and harmonica.

Anson Funderburgh & Sam Myers---That's What They Want

Black Top 1140---20 Euros

Anson-guitar, six string bass/Sammy-vocals,harmonica/Kevin McKendree- piano,B-3 organ/Jeff Sarli-upright bass/Wes Starr-drums.

Dave Myers---Yo Can't Do That

Black Top 1142---20 Euros

One of the Legends of Chicago Blues

Former Aces bassplayer Dave Myers with the help of some real top bluesmusicians

Kim Wilson-harmonica//Rusty Zinn-guitar//Steve Lucky-piano//Ronnie James-upright bass/Richard Innes-drums.

Mike Morgan & The Crawl---The Road

Black Top 1143---20 Euros

1998-11 tracks Mike Morgan-guitar/Lee McBee-vocals,harmonica/Johnny Bradley-bass/ Marc Wilson-drums.

Mike Morgan & The Crawl---I Like The Way You Work It

Black Top 1154---20 Euros

1999 13 tracks Mike Morgan-guitar/Lee McBee-vocals,harmonica/Willie J. Campbell-bass/ Johnny Bradley-bass/Riley Osborn-piano,organ/Richard Ennis-drums/ Shawn Pittman-guitar.

Snooky Pryor---Shake My Hand

Blind Pig 5050---15 Euros

Snooky was one of the very first to record what came to be known as the postwar Chicago blues sound. He is also credited as being a pioneer of the amplified harmonica.

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers---Keepin It Real

Blind Pig 5088---15 Euros

2004 release, Rod Piazza-vocal,harmonica, Honey Piazza-piano, Henry Carvajal-guitar, Bill Stuve-upright bass, Paul Fasulo-drums.

Nick Moss---Privileged

Blue Bella 1014---20 Euros

There is more sides than one to Nick, this is the more rockier side

Christine Perfect---The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Blue Horizon 86971---15 Euros

The 1969 Album + 5 bonus tracks.

James Harman---Takin' Chances

Cannonball 29107---20 Euros

Takin Chances with James Harman? Not with a collection of ole buddies and former band members adding some of that rare mojo and voodoo magic.

Various Artist---The Carlton Record Story

Cartlton 01---15 Euros

34 rare tracks & forgotten gems 1958-64: Big Al Downing(4x)Jesse Lee Turner(2x)The Galaxies(1x) Dwight Pullen(2x)Kenneth Rogers(2x)Jimmy Seals(1x)Gus Backus(1x) George Walker Jr.(1x)Jimmie Nabbie(1x)Bobby Brookes(1x)The Sparks(1x) Rick Palmer(2x)Jerry Palmer(1x)The Rondells(1x)Paul Evans(1x)Marie & Rex(1x) The Chantells(1x)Danny Peppermint(1x)Anita Bryant(1x)Gordon & Sue(1x) The Paramounts(1x)The No-Tornados(1x)The Royal Holidays(1x)The Con-Dons(1x) The Short-Cuts(1x)Chris Montez(1x)Rick Skylar(1x)

Amos Milburn---1947

Classics 5047---10 Euros

The Chronological-23 tracks

Big Jay McNeely---1951-1952

Classics 5058---10 Euros

Chris Powell---1949-1952

Classics 5065---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Lil Green---1940-1941

Classics 5072---10 Euros

The Chronological-20 tracks

Amos Milburn---1948-1949

Classics 5077---10 Euros

The Chronological-22 tracks

Earl Bostic---1952-1953

Classics 5093---10 Euros

The Chronological-21 tracks

Johnny Otis---1950

Classics 5102---10 Euros

The Chronological-25 tracks

Bill Samuels---1945-1947

Classics 5112---10 Euros

The Chronological-26 tracks

Amos Milburn---1950-1951

Classics 5117---10 Euros

The Chrnological-22 tracks

Billy Ward & His Dominoes---1950-1953

Classics 5120---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Hank Ballard & Midnighters + The Royals---1952-1954

Classics 5132---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Amos Milburn---1952-1953

Classics 5158---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Johnny Otis---1951

Classics 5162---10 Euros

The Chronological-24 tracks

Johnny Winter---The Woodstock Experience

Columbia 48244---25 Euros

2-CD Limited Edition Set

The Complete Johnny Winter Woodstock Performance

& the original 1969 studio album in Lp replica packaging as bonus

John Mayall---Plays John Mayall

Decca 9841779---15 Euros

The 1965 first album Live At Klooks Kleek + 5 bonus tracks.

John Mayall---Live At The BBC

Decca 9844665---15 Euros

14 tracks recorded for the BBC between 1965 and 1975.

Big Joe Williams---Blues On Highway 49

Delmark 604---15 Euros

Recorded 1961-12 tracks. Big Joe Williams-vocals,9-stringguitar/Ransom Knowling-bass.

Roosevelt Sykes-Hard Drivin' Blues

Delmark 607---15 Euros

Recorded 1962+63 17 tracks, Roosevelt Sykes-vocal,piano/ Homesick James-bass,guitar.

Sleepy John Estes---In Europe

Delmark 611---15 Euros

Recorded in Copenhagen & London 1964-13 tracks. Sleepy John estes-vocals,guitar/Hammie Nixon-harmonica,jug.

Various Artists---Sweet Home Chicago

Delmark 618---15 Euros

The Blues Of Magic Sam/Luther Alliaon/Big Mojo/Eddie Shaw/ Louis Myers/Lucky Lopez.

Junior Wells---Southside Blues Jam

Delmark 628---15 Euros

Recorded 1970--Junior Wells-vocal,harmonica/Buddy Guy-guitar/ Otis Spann-piano/Earnest Johnson-bass/Fred Below-drums/Louis Myers-guitar.

Roosevelt Sykes---Feel Like Blowing My Horn

Delmark 632---15 Euros

1970- with Roosevelt Sykes-vocals,piano/King Kolax-trumpet/ Sax mallard-sax/Robert Jr. Lockwood-guitar/Dave Myers-bass/ Fred Below-drums.

Junior Wells---On Tap

Delmark 635---15 Euros

Junior Wells-vocals,harmonica/Sammy Lawhorn-guitar/Phil Guy-guitar/ Big Moose Walker-piano,organ/A.C. Reed-sax/Charles Miles-sax/ Herman Applewhite-bass/Roosevelt Shaw-drums.

J.B. Hutto---Slidewinder

Delmark 636---15 Euros

J.B. Hutto-vocals,slide guitar/Lee Jackson-guitar/ Elbert Buckner-drums/Bombay Carter-bass.

Jimmy Johnson---North//South

Delmark 647---15 Euros

Recorded 1982---Jimmy Johnson-vocals,guitar/Carl P. Snyder-piano,organ/ Larry Exum=bass/Ike Davis-drums/Larry Burton-guitar/Criss Johnson-guitar/ Eddie Lusk-organ.

Little Walter---The Blues World Of

Delmark 648---15 Euros

track 1-8..Little Walter-vocal,harmonica,guitar/Muddy Waters-guitar/ Baby Face Leroy-vocal,drums/Jimmy Rogers-guitar. track 9-11..J.B. Lenoir-vocal,guitar/Sunnyland Slim-piano/Alfred Wallace-drums. track 12-13..Sunnyland Slim-vocal,piano/Robert Lockwood-guitar/Oliver Alcorn-sax/ Ernest Crawford-bass/Alfred Wallace-drums.

Yank Rachell-Chicago Style

Delmark 649---15 Euros

Yank rachell-vocals,mandolin/Floyd Jones-bass/Pete Crawford-guitar/ Odie Payne-drums.

Sunnyland Slim---House Rent Party

Delmark 655---15 Euros

1949 Apollo recordings..Sunnyland Slim-vocals,piano/ St. Louis Jimmy-vocals/Willie Mabon-vocals,piano,harmonica/ Jimmy Rogers-vocals,guitar/Andrew Harris-bass.

Jesse Fortune---Fortune Tellin' Man

Delmark 658---15 Euros

Recorded 1992--Jesse Fortune-vocals/Dave Specter-guitar/Ken Saydak-piano,organ/ Mike McCurdy-bass/Mark Fornek-drums/John Brumbach-sax/Bob Dogan-piano.

Studebaker John---That's The Way You Do

Delmark 810---20 Euros

Maxwell Street Kings pay homage to the early days of Chicago. They Capture the spirit of that era when Chicago Blues was eaw, primal and oh so vital. Studebaker John-vocals,slide guitar,harp, Rick Kreher-guitar, Steve Cushing-drums.

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers---ThrillVille

Delta Groove 118---20 Euros

The Mighty Flyers return to their roots with a tasty collection of classic Chicago Blues.

Elvin Bishop---Red Dog Speaks

Delta Groove 138---20 Euros

Elvin Bishop has been travelling the Blues road longer than most, and he's got the stories to prove it-many of wich are contained within the songs on this release.

Mitch Kashmar & The Pontiax---100 Miles To Go

Delta Groove 140---20 Euros

the 1988 original album + 2 bonus tracks recorded in 2010 by the original line-up.

Lynwood Slim & Igar Prado Band---Brazilian Kicks

Delta Groove 141---20 Euros

Prepare yourself to be Amazed, Lynwood with Top Brazil Blues musicians.

Rod Piazza & The All Mighty Flyers---Almighty Dollar

Delta Groove 147---20 Euros

Rod Piazza-vocals,harmonica/Honey Piazza-piano/Henry Carvajal-guitar/ Dave Kida-drums/ Guests: Johnny Dyer-vocals(2x)/Rusty Zinn-guitar/ Norm Gonzales-bass/Hank van Sickle-bass/Johnny Viau-tenor sax.

Duke Robillard---Living With The Blues

Dixiefrog 8527---20 Euros

2002 Recordings with Duke Robillard-vocals,guitars/Doug James-baritone sax/ Sax Gordon Beadle-tenor sax/Carl Querfurth-trombone/John Packer-bass/ Mark Texeira-drums/Bruce Katz-piano,hammond B-3.

Charley Patton---Vol. 3

Document 5011---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works December 1929 to February 1934

Various Artists---Memphis Blues Vol. 1

Document 5014---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1928-1935

17x Robert Wilkins(1928-35)+4x Tom Dickson(1828)+2x Allen Shaw(1934)

Blind Lemon Jefferson---Vol. 2

Document 5018---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1927

Blind Lemon Jefferson---Vol. 3

Document 5019---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1928

Blind Lemon Jefferson---Vol. 4

Document 5020---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1929

Memphis Jug Band---Vol. 3

Document 5023---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1930

Blind Blake---Vol. 1

Document 5024---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works July 1926 to October 1927

Big Bill Broonzy---Vol. 2

Document 5051---10 Euros

Recordings in Chronological order 9-2-1932 to 18-10-1934

Sonny Boy Williamson---Vol. 4

Document 5058---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 4-4-1941 to 2-7-1945

Various Artists---The Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets 1894-1928

Document 5061---10 Euros

1x Standard Quartette(1894) 5x Dinwiddie Colored Quartet(1902) 1x Male Quartette(1910) 2x Apollo Male Quartette(1912) 7x Polk Miller & His Old South Quartette(1909/10) 7x Old South Quartette(1928)

Tampa Red---Vol. 3

Document 5075---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 9-7-1929 to June 1930

Tampa Red---Vol. 5

Document 5077---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 24-10-1931 to 23-3-1934

Cow Cow Davenport---Vol. 2

Document 5142---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 22-5-1929 to 1945

Ralph Willis---Vol. 2 + Leroy Dallas

Document 5257---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1950/51-1953 Plus The Complete Leroy Dallas 1949-1962

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 3

Document 5263---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 26-11-1934 to 4-4-1935

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 4

Document 5264---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 4-4-1935 to 18-7-1935

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 5

Document 5265---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 18-7-1935 to 6-2-1936

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 6

Document 5266---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 7-2-1936 to 21-8-1936

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 7

Document 5267---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 21-8-1936 to 27-1-1937

Bumble Bee Slim---Vol. 8

Document 5268---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 27-1-1937 to 2-11-1951

Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers

Document 5356---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1923-1929

Rev. Johnny Blakey & Rev. M.L. Gipson

Document 5363---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 14x Rev. Johnny Blakey(1927-1928) 8x Rev. M.L. Gipson(1927-1929)

Rev. E.D. Campbell, Rev. Isiaiah Shelton, Rev. C.F. Thornton

Document 5389---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 18x Rev. E.D. Campbell(1927) 2x Rev. Isiaiah Shelton(1927) 2x Rev. C.F. Thornton(1927)

Rev. H.R. Tomlin & Rev. S.J. Worell

Document 5406---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 8x Rev. H.R. Tomlin(1926-1927) 14x Rev. S.J. Worell aka "Steamboat Bill" (1926-1927)

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 2

Document 5432---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works September 1926

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 3

Document 5433---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works September to November 1926

Rev. Emmett Dickinson

Document 5441---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1929-1930

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 4

Document 5442---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1-12-to 6-12-1926

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 5

Document 5449---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1927

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 6

Document 5457---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 20-2-1928 to 18-3-1929

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 7

Document 5469---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 18-3-1929 to 25-4-1930

Rev. W.M. Mosley

Document 5480---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1926-1931

Rev. J.M. Gates-Vol. 8

Document 5483---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 12-12-1930 to 2-8-1934

Rev. J.M. Gates---Vol. 9

Document 5484---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 2-8-1934 to 2-10-1941

Various Artist---Atlanta GA. Gospel

Document 5485---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 2x Morehouse College Quartet(1923) 2x Rev. C.D. Montgomery(1925) 4x The Thankful Quartette(1927) 4x Deacon W.H. Gallamore(1929) 2x Independant Quartet(1929) 3x Progressive Four(1930) 6x Middle Georgia Singing Convention No, 1(1930) 2x James Brothers Quartet(1931)

Rev. A.W. Nix & Rev. Emmett Dickinson Vol. 2

Document 5490---10 Euros

17x Rev. A.W. Nix(1928-1930) 4x Rev. Emmett Dickinson(1931)

Rev. J.C. Burnett---Vol. 1

Document 5557---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1926 to 17-5-1927

Rev. J.C. Burnett---Vol. 2

Document 5558---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 21-9-1927 to 19-4-1945

Various Artists---Too Late Too Late Vol. 11

Document 5625---10 Euros

Newly Discovered Titles And Alternate Takes 8x Papa Charlie Jackson(1924-1926) 2x Ma Rainey(1925-1926) 3x Blind Lemon Jefferson(1926) 1x Charlie Dad Nelson(1926) 3x Blind Blake(1927-1931) 1x El Watson with The Johnson Brothers(1927) 1x Ezra Howlett Shelton(1928) 1x Hokum Boys(1929) 2x Jim Jackson(1928-1929) 1x Robert Johns0n(1937) 1x Dixie Harmony Four(1939)

Rocket Morgan & Friends---Louisiana Rockers

El Toro 1044---20 Euros

Rocket Morgan-you're humbuggin me/this life I live/tag along/what ys gonna do/ too high a price/I know it's a sin/walkin home/irene/why can't it be another lie/ do you leave something for me/gonna walk you home/you're humbuggin me alt./tag alpng alt./ what ya gonna do alt./Tommy Strange-nervous and shakin all over/Tommy Cassel-rockin rock and a rollin stone/run along little girl/go ahead on/Pee Wee Trahan-bop and rock tonight/ keepin all my lovin/Tommy Blake-$F..olding moneys/Jeff Daniels-daddy o rock/hey woman/ Dale Hawkins-don't treat me this way/Maylon Humphries-weep no more/worried about you baby/ Amos Como-hole in the wall/Endom Spires-I wonder where you are tonight/Vince Anthony-too hot to handle/ The Lonesome Drifter-eager boy/Larry Hart-freight train/James Wilson-wilson blues/ you won't know why til i'm gone/Jim Oertling-old moss back/Hopeless Homer-new way rockin.

George Harmonica Smith---Pick Your Choice

Essentialmedia 7617---20 Euros

2015 re-release of 1970 recording on the SUPER RARE Shoe Lp. 8 tracks with a.o. Long Gone Miles/Blind Joe Hill/Doug McLeod and William Clarke.

Various Artists---Felsted Rock And Roll

Felsted 85001---15 Euros

David Orrell-be my baby+you're the one/Lavern Stovall-left behind/ The Spacemen-blast off/Andy Anderson-johnny valentine/The Road Runners- road runnah/Charlie Gracie-makin whoopee+w-wow/Bobby Russell-theraven+she's gonna be sorry/ Electric Johnny-black eyes rock+johnny on his strings/Ritchie Hart-the great duane+i'm hypnotized/ The Jiv-A-Tones-flirty gertie+fire engine baby/Mickey Michaels-koffe shop rock/The Casuakteens- she's swingin/Tommy Payne-trouble and pain+i go ape/Teacho & His Students-rock-et/Gar Bacon- chains of love/Gordon Young-who's fooling who/Steve Schulte-too blue to cry/Teddy Bart-just enough/ Sonny Martin-rockabye baby/The Admiral Tones-hey hey pretty baby/Johnny Angel-lady of spain/ Vince Maloy-draggin all night+soda pop/Ray Duncan-day dreams/Nobles C. Darby-let me tell you bout love/ Bobby Wilson-and then it happened/The Trojans-make it up.

Elmore James---Let's Cut It

Flair 91800---20 Euros

Some of his best recordings Early & Raw.

Roosevelt Sykes---Blues By Roosevelt "The Honeydripper" Sykes

Folkways 40051---15 Euros

Originally Issued in 1961 as Folkways 3827

Freddie King---My Feeling For The Blues

Friday 1086---15 Euros

Reissue of the fantastic 1970 Cotillion album.

George "Wild Child" Butler---Greatest Hits

Fuel 3020619322---15 Euros

14 Jewels

Ronnie Earl---Peace Of Mind

Hepcat 0521---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1990 Black Top album plus 2 live bonus tracks.

Anson Funderburg & The Rockets---Sins

Hepcat 0522---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1987 Black Top album.

James Harman---Cards On The Table

Hepcat 0523---15 Euros

Reissue of the Black Top album.

James Harman---Black & White

Hepcat 0527---15 Euros

Reissue of the Black Top album.

Rick Holmstrom---Lookout

Hepcat 2388---15 Euros

Reissue of the 1995 Black Top album.

Spencer Thomas---Voodoo Dream

Julietoon 2007---20 Euros

This excellent singer from Austin Texas ( ex member of The Solid Senders) brings you a gumbo of real blues roots to boogie woogie mambo.

The Mighty Flyers---Radioactive Material+File Under Rock

Mason 56428---20 Euros

Two original albums from 1981+84 and for sure you have value for money.

The Mighty Flyers---Undercover

Mason 56429---20 Euros

The original 1988 album plus 5 bonus tracks live at the Manege, Ratingen.

Texas Alexander---Vol. 3

Matchbox Document 2003---10 Euros

Complere Recorded Works 9-6-1930 to 1950

Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet---Live

Megawave 305---20 Euros

Mark Braun,Mr. B-piano,vocals/Brian Delaney-guitar/Carl Hildebrandt-bass/ Pete Siers-drums/Sam Slomovits-bones/Bob Seeley-piano.

Rick Holstrom-John Juke Logan-Stephen Hodges---Twist O Lettz

Mocombo 55007---20 Euros

These veterans cut it wild and raw live in the studio, Sending the blues and other like-minded music through other worldly filters.

James Day & The Fish Fry---Blue Latitudes

Neon Blue 2012---20 Euros

From backyard BBQ's to regional festivals, James Day & The Fish Fry play their jump blues and greasy grooves all over the mid-Atlantic area. Five fun loving musicians dedicated to playing traditional blues with a modern twist.

John Mayall---Live From Austin Texas

New West 134---15 Euros

1993 Austin City Limits live recording with Coco Montoya Rick Cortes and Joe Yuele.

John Mayall---Empty Rooms

Polydor 527457---15 Euros

The 1969 Album with John Mayall-vocals,keyboard,guitar,harmonica/ John Almond-sax,flute/Jon Mark-guitars/Steve Thompson-bass/Larry Taylor-bass.

John Mayall---Turning Point

Polydor 823305---15 Euros

1969 The Mark-Almond-Thompson line up with his big hit Room To Move.

Magic Sam---Raw Blues Live 1969

Rockbeat 3110---20 Euros

2012 realease---17 previously unreleased live tracks recordedin Berkeley California 11-7-1969.

Various Artists---The Story Of V-Tone And Len Records

Rock Therapie 012---15 Euros

Bobby Parker-watch your step/steal your heart away/Big Al Downing-please come home/ yes I'm loving you/Farris Hill-the twirl/Spic & Span-summertime blues/slippin & slidin/ Bobby Bennett-goin home tomorrow/she's my girl/the boss tuen/Clyde Stacey-sittin down crying/ Ruby Johnson-pleadin heart/Jay J. Jones-I dont know about you/The Cruisers-miss fine/don't tease me/ Bunny Sigler-family dance/Big Boy Miles-she's so fine/Gil Hayden-think/Herb Johnson-deep down love/ Bernard Byers-I aint goona give up nothing/no time to cry/Nelson Dupree-iceberh heart/Sandy Taylor- hello mr. genie/The Sherwoods-three love letters ago/Bobby Peterson-piano rock/been savin all my love for you/ rockin charlie/love me pretty baby/one day/mama get your hammer/Unknown-bee bee twist/The Jolly Jax- there's something on your mind pt 1 & 2.

The McCoy Brothers---Vol. 2

RST Document 6020---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Work 2-4-1936 to 15-12-1944

Rev. F.W. McGee---Vol. 1

RST Document 6031---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 6-5-1927 to 4-2-1929

Rev. F.W. McGee---Vol. 2

RST Document 6032---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 6-2-1929 to 16-7-1930

Elder Curry & Elder Beck

RST Document 6035---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 1930-1939

Doug James & Sax Gordon---The Heavy Horns Of

Sax 01---20 Euros

The colloboration between Doug Mr Low James and Gordon Beadle (aka Sax Gordon) can blow your ears off. And with the help of Duke Robillard,Matt McCabe, Marty Ballou,Mark Teixera you know what a swingin & stompin honkin masterpiece you get

Big Joe & The Dynaflows---You Can't Keep A Big Man Down

Severn 0051---20 Euros

Big Joe Maher is among the finest drummers and vocalists on the scene today. He's shared the stage with Jimmy Witherspoon,Jimmy McCracklin, Bullmoose Jackson,Nappy Brown,Otis Rush,Earl King and many more.

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones---Evening

Severn 0052---20 Euros

2011-12 tracks: Sugar Ray Norcia-vocals,harmonica/ Monster Mike Welch-guitar/Neil Gouvin-drums/ Mudcat Wars-bass/Anthony Geraci-piano.

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones---Living Tear To Tear

Severn 0063---20 Euros

2014-12 tracks: Sugar Ray Norcia-vocals,harmonica/ Monster Mike Welch-guitar/Anthony Geraci-piano,hammond/ Michael Mudcat Ward-bass/Neil Gouvin-drums.

Rod Piazza---So Glad To Have The Blues

Sg 01---20 Euros

Reissue of one of the finest Murray Brothers albums.

Big Mojo Elem---Mojo Boogie

St. George 7703---20 Euros

1994-14 tracks of down home chicago blues. Big Mojo Elem-vocals,bass/Studebaker John-slide,lead,rhythm guitar,harmonica/ Jr. Kreher-Lead+rhythm guitar/Tuxedo Ron De War-tenor sax/Rokko Jans or Mark Brumback-piano/Twist Turner-drums.

Duke Robillard---Passport To The Blues

Stony Plain 1349---20 Euros

Passport to the Blues is a stone return to Duke's grittiest roots- dirty,gutty,house-rockin,shack shakin,finger-bustin, down in the bottom guitar blues.

Various Artists---Big Fat Rock & Roll

Super Calorie 1001---15 Euros

33 Blubberin'Boppers by:The Manhattan Rhythm Boys/Don Julian & The Meadowlarks/ Rusty McDonald & Maxwell Davis Band/Ray Gerdsen & The Yello-Jakets/King Perry/ Otis Redding/Bobby Hendricks/Chuck Higgins/Yochanan/Paul Kimble/Stomp Gordon/ Jackie Brenston/Little Freddy & Don/Bobby Freeman/Big Daddy & His Boys/ Sir Rich & The Spanking Club/Marvin & Johnny/Mamie Bradley & Gibson's Orchestra/ The Creepers/Carmen Taylor/The Valiants/Ronnie & Roy/Sugar Boy Crawford/Billy Bland/ Wynonie Harris/The Hawks/Jimmy Williams/The Emersons/Paul Ballenger & The Flares/ Fats Mizzell & The Big Boppers/Joe Tex/Eddy Clearwater/Redd Foxx & His Orchestra.

Hip Linkchain---Change My Blues

Teardrop 1006---20 Euros

From 1981-Excellent Chicago Blues. Hip-vocals,guitar/ Pinetop Perkins-piano/Rick Kirch-guitar/Right Hand Frank-bass.

Johnny Shines---with Big Walter Horton

Testament 5015---20 Euros

1966 Session Johnny Shines-vocal,guitar Walter Horton-harmonica, Otis Spann-piano, Lee Jackson-bass, Fred Below-drums. 1969 Session Johnny Shines-voval,guitar Walter Horton-harmonica, Luther Allison-guitar, Prince Candy-bass, Bill Brown-drums.

Too Slim & The Taildtaggers---The Fortune Teller

Underworld 0003---20 Euros

Modern dirty all-rockers Too Slim & The Taildraggers with a collection of true stories, personal feelings, observations and tall tales.

Bill Stuve---Flyin Right

Upright 1005---15 Euros

Bill Stuve has been the slappin' bass player of the Mighty Flyers for nearly 30 years. Those decades on bandstands around the world have ingrained Bill's love of traditional blues with his dedication to an offshoot of that period, jump blues. Stephen Hodges-drums, Henry Carvajal-guitar, Steve F'Dor-piano and The Big Noise Horns.

Famous Hokum Boys---Vol. 1

Wolf 011---10 Euros

Complete Recorded Works 7-4 60 16-9-1930