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Snatch It Back-Dynamite

Tramp 9904---10 Euros

Snatch It Back have always added to the songbook. Singer harmonica player Chris Rees was having songs covered by the likes of Dave Edmunds. The Members of this band aren't just a bunch of excellent musicians, they are much more than that. They really feel the blues. The harp is plaintive, the guitar is incisive, the bass lines are driving, and the drums offer beatifully timed machine-gun bursts.

Dunn-Packer Band-Love Against The Wall

Tramp 9905---10 Euros

Keith Dunn-vocal,harmonica & John Packer-guitar, vocal have performed with the likes of Jimmy Rogers, Sam Myers,Big Mama Thornton,Walter Horton,Zuzu Bollin and many more. Together these guys vibrate to a point of near explosion with the fever of a big beat. This CD brings you a musical gumbo simmered in N.O. stoched in Texas, spiced in Memphis and brought to a auxious boil. With the help of the longtime Fabulous Thunderbirds rhythmsection: Preston Hubbard on Bass & Fran Christina on drums.

Snatch It Back---Evil

Tramp 9907---10 Euros

This album features a clutch of strong self-penned compositions that are born of truth and nurtured by experience. Snatch It Back are a testament to the universal emotianally of the blues and are equally at home with the R&B aspects of the music. If you erave steam-shoval blues that is lowdown and bad-to-the-bone, than this just might be the band for you.

Ides Of May---Feedback

Tramp 9908---10 Euros

All but three on this disc are original blues tunes. Sure these dutch men know the classics of masters like Muddy and Sonny Boy, but they play the blues in their own style. They clearly understand R&R too. They play sober, honest and straight forward. This is a band that dates back to 1981 and have a loyal following. It is easy to see why, tough and rockin' blues like this are worth the effort.

Medford Slim Band---Too Much Is Never Enough

Tramp 9911---10 Euros

Having played with the likes of the Zoots, The Sultans and Luther Tucker The Medford Slim Band is a tight and talented group of musicians. Not only will you hear some fine and unique harmonica playing by Lazy Lew Beckers, but also Bill Roseman's swingin' and stingin' guitar wiil go to the attention of many fans in the blues world. About half of the music presented here is original

Blues Is A Tramp---Live In Paradiso

Tramp 9912-2CD---10 Euros

Value for money 2 CD's of live recorded Tramp Festival a happening at Amsterdam's poptempel The Paradiso. Completely sold out, it was a ball. 4 steaming bands from the Tramp label. Ides Of May, Keith Dunn & John Packer, Big Joe Louis and Blues 'N' Trouble. Dollar for dollar- this CD will dump more rockin'blues and boogie in your lap than any other I can think of.

Bob Pearce---Keep On Keepin' On

Tramp 9913---10 Euros

Bob's soulful voice and ditto guitar playing clearly makes this CD worthwile. Bob Pearce demonstrates his feel for lyrically expressing the concers of many of his listeners. Recognition has been slow in coming, but with cohesive rhytmic foundations and an uncompromising original approach, Bob Pearce has hit a homer.

D-Train---Go For It Baby

Tramp 9916---10 Euros

These dutch guys are the best in their erea and have appeared at many bluesfestivals. The raw components are guitars,harmonica,bass and drums. Some horns and backingvocals, while guitar king Monti Amundson participates on a couple of numbers. It is easy to move with the music, partly because of the pleasingly varied tempos and certainly to the tight playing.

Snatch It Back---Red Hot & Blue

Tramp 9917---10 Euros

It's the band ability to expand upon the traditional blues catalogue that was to lift them out of the local pubs and club circuit and eventually see them on major festivals. Chris Rees not only plays the harp, he lives walkes and talkes it, while guitarist Glyn Knight is a force blending cool vintage sounds with modern tastes. With a solid rhythm section behind them this is energetic and authentic blues.

Tim Elliott and The Troublemakers

Tramp 9918---10 Euros

Blues 'N'Trouble's leader Tim Elliott's first solo project. Not another trendy "unplugged" album. This one is firmly rooted in genuine blues and gospel traditions. Some great one-man band stuff here, plus on some tracks the help of Troublemakers Papa Lou Martin on piano and Gary Martin harp and guitar. All recorded in one take with hardly any overdubs. Tim Elliott & The Troublemakers is an unique example and living testament, of why the music, nowadays. is very much alive and well, indeed!

Tony D. Band---Get Yourself Some

Tramp 9919---10 Euros

Canada's Tony D. fronts a maniacal blues band. He and his band put on fire hot live performances full of spontaneous energy. This album roars out of first gear with the in-your-face knock you on your butt blues that Tony D. has become famous for. The songs written by Tony excel in comtempary blues and blends nicely with the covers. The guitar solos from this talented artist are done tastefully. Througout, both the CD and the band are solid.

Ides Of May---Lookin' For Trouble

Tramp 9921---10 Euros

The Ides Of May include an uncompromised style and directness in their blues. At hand is a well ballanced album that comes from a love for the music. The material is mostly original, and well supported by a tight unit. If you are into a tough electrified blues style, than this one is for you.

The De Luxe Blues Band---& Friends

Tramp 9923---10 Euros

The De Luxe Blues Band started life in 1981 as a pick up band for artists like Eddie Clearwater and Carey Bell. This is Bob Brunning's(original bass player for Fleetwood Mac)own band, and is in its fourth incarnation. Phil Taylor-vocals, Allan Vincent-guitar, Dave Beaumont-guitar, Dick Heckstall- Smith-saxophones, Mickey Waller-drums and Bob Brunnning bass. Special guests: Otis Grand, Earl Green, Paul Lamb, Big Joe Louis, Johnny Mars, Chris Rees and The Sensational King Biscuit Blues Band.

Snatch It Back---Hot Stuff

Tramp 9924---10 Euros

Snatch It Back plays tough, no-messin' chicago style blues. Maybe with a hint of Texas, a dash of Memphis, a sprinkling, occasionally of New Orleans funk, but for the most part this has always been an oufit steeped in the sounds of Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and Willie Dixon. Snatch It Back has gone for a live sound on this CD, wich really enhances the original songs here and the few classy covers that are included.

Alexander---Play To Win

Tramp 9925---10 Euros

Alexander handles all guitars, writing and arranging, while featuring Keith Dunn on vocals and harmonica, John Gerritse or Hank Punter on drums and Peer Wassenaar upright bass. Alexander started the "blues road" in 1969 joining Rod Piazza, he also played with the legendary Aces. This recording is dedicated to Aces guitarplayer Louis Myers who passed along his blond Gibson 335 to Alexander. This CD has the blues integrity to turn things upside down.

The Solid Senders---Dig My Wheels

Tramp 9926---10 Euros

This Austin product rocks the blues right along and deliver a sound that makes the shoulders gyrate. There is a wonderful simplicity to this CD that is somewhat raw, yet comes nicely together thanks to the musicians.This is the legendary bassist Keith Ferguson's (of Fabulous Thunderbirds fame) last recordings. Spencer Thomas vocals really nail down the songs. Hector Watt's tastefull guitarplaying is everything you need and drummer Matt Ryan knows all about shuffles.

Bullshit Blues Band---On Your Marks

Tramp 9928---10 Euros

This is no "Bullshit". This is straight forward good-rockin' blues. Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins and Chuck Berry are listed as influences. The Bullshit Blues Band has been at it since 1983. The Band has even backed up Robert Lockwood Jr. These dutch boys tear through these 14 tracks with reckless abandon. If there ever was six guys who could get a room movin than the Bullshit Blues Band is that band.

Bill Stuve---Say Man

Tramp 9929---10 Euros

After 20 years as the bass player for one of America's hardest working blues bands(The Mighty Flyers) Bill Stuve needs little in the way of an introduction. This album has an allstar line up of West Coast favorites and was recorded in the "live in the studio" style of the early Chess and Sun records days. An out of sight contribution, sure to get some bodies out there movin'!

Tony D. Band---Do Gotta Do

Tramp 9932---10 Euros

Tony D. and his band put on a fire hot live performances full of spontaneous energy. When he was 19 years of age Tony had the pleasure of performing with the legendary Buddy Guy and Luther Allison. Heavingly influenced by the haunting sounds of the Mississippi Delta, this CD is a blues cocktail with all the power that a typical listener can endure.Few blues guitarists turn it out like this.


Tramp 9936---10 Euros

Bluesix, their blend of precise and rockin' blues comes via guitar,bass,drums,harmonica and sax. This set rides hard out of the gate with the title song "Ready" and a guitar that could cut steel. Some familiar material gets an airing, while original songs making appearances too. It all blends nicely. The sound is Tough, with a pedal to the metal most of the time. Good songs and super solid Blues Rock!

Jimmie Gordon---1934-1938 The Remaining Titles

Old Tramp 01---10 Euros

Charlie Burse-James De Berry---1939 Complete Recordings

Old Tramp 02---10 Euros

Various Artists---Carolina Blues Guitar 1936-1939

Old Tramp 03---10 Euros

The complete recordings of Cedar Creek Sheik, Roosevelt Antrim, Virgil Childers, Sonny Jones.

Charlie Spand-Big Maceo

Old Tramp 04---10 Euros

Charlie Spand---the complete 1940 recordings---Big Maceo the remaining titles 1941-1952

Doctor Clayton---And His Buddies

Old Tramp 05---10 Euros

Doctor Clayton, Sunnyland Slim, Willie "Long Time" Smith, 1946-1947 complete.

Red Nelson---1935-1937

Old Tramp 06---10 Euros

Red Nelson In Chronological Order 1935-1947.